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LDR specializes in bulk delivery of decorative rock, landscape materials and landscaping supplies that make your property look its best year-round.  With water conservation being something everyone has on their minds these days, what better way to conserve than by creating an inviting water wise landscape. We offer colored rock, in California Gold or Las Vegas Pink year round, we also bring in a variety of colors from season to season. Looking for something specific? Send an email and we will be happy to look into a certain product for you, or refer you to the best source.

We offer unbeatable prices on crushed blue gravel rock for driveways, construction sites, drainage and foundations, at prices that wont break the bank or your budget. Our beautiful Salt River Rock or our Tan EC Pebbles are a wonderful addition to your landscape design, flower beds and planter boxes. Dry river beds made of River Rock are a decorative way to do double duty as they make attractive ways to divert water off your property. DG and class 2 base are a must when installing artificial turf or pavers and we have them in both decorative and utilitarian blends. Give us a call or email to see how we can save you lots of money and headache on your next project. You can also click below for a link to our current special offers and year round affordable prices.  Keep an eye out for extra deals and discounts we offer, in addition to our already low prices.

LDR can handle all of your rockscape needs.  No matter what the size of the project; from a yard of River Rock, to mounds of DG for your desertscape, or baseball field. Our courteous and experienced staff will be glad to give you a hand. We offer delivery and direct ship as a way to keep costs rock bottom for you to all of San Diego and surrounding areas.  Thank you for choosing us as your low cost San Diego rock supplier! We look forward to meeting you!

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