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LDR is a family owned rock supplier based out of Santee, CA.  We were established in 2011, originally in the outskirts of El Cajon. We have been known around town for our low cost, high quality, Decorative Rock, River Rock and personalized service. After years of being in the industry dating back to 2006, LDR ROCK Inc retail yard was officially born in 2011, several years later we transformed to a direct ship supplier and opened more of an online presence in 2015. We continue and love our daily interactions with our clients over phone and email , or when delivering prduct, just as much as we loved running the retail yard. We still meet our clients at the Santee stock yard to review samples and discuss everything from newest products to grandkids and family. From the day we first opened to sell our first yard of River Rock, Gravel, DG, Sand and soil, our commitment was always one of quality customer service, reliable product and affordable pricing. We feel we have continued to excel in that area and we thank the community for their trust and support.

LDR has a unique business model like no other. We carry and direct ship a variety of beautiful, low priced, quality, decorative rock straight to you in East County, San Diego, CA or Surrounding So Cal areas. We thrive on and value our long term client relationships, and steady referral base. We take pride in offering excellent customer service and affordable pricing you can count on. We are often able to help you meet the confines of your landscape budget in ways that other companies dont have the ability to do. Our commitment to low overhead, is a direct commitment to keep costs low for you. In the same breath, we find our greatest joy in having you leave satisfied, with our assistance, no matter the cost to us. Sometimes that means we are referring you to another source for material, if we do not source it, but one in whom we have great trust and confidence. We like to think of ourselves as a trusted resource to you whether you purchase from us or not. That is where we believe true service is.

The staff at LDR is truly dedicated to serving the needs of you, our clients each and every day, no matter what your needs are for your landscaping project. LDR doesn't have bells and whistles nor do we have the high prices that go along with them. We are confident we can provide the same quality decorative, landscape rock or construction materials your used to, but at much lower prices, as we bring back good old fashioned customer service and care.

When you work with LDR you work directly with the owner on pricing and material information. The small business atmosphere, teamed with the lengthy experience in this industry give you the best of both worlds. Quality, one on one service tailored to your needs, and experience you can trust.

We are looking forward to doing business with you. So if you need a yard, truckload or more you know who to call...

Christine Wadstein

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