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We are pleased to offer a selection of River Rock ion sizes from 1/2-1" all the way to 3-8"

Tan, light, beachy, EC Pebble comes in 1/2", 3/4" and 1/2-2"

Cali Gold rock and Vegas Pink in 3/4"

Arizona Salt River Rock

AZ 1.5" under

Arizona River Rock in reds, blues, browns with smooth edges. We call this the "skipping stone" size

Price: $115.00/yd        

Arizona River Rock 1-3"

AZ 1-3"

Smooth Salt River rock in reds, blues and browns that compliment a variety of landscapes. Popular uses are for dry river beds and around palm trees or as a border. We call this the "large lemon-potato size"

Price: $115.00/yd

Vegas Pink 3/4"


Vegas Pink 3/4"

Price: $115.00/yd

LDR California Gold 3/4" or 3/8" 


LDR California Gold is a perfect addition your desert scape. This 3/4" crushed gold stone has chocolate tones running through it that make a perfect neutral base for classic home landscape design or alongside river rock for texture and added dimension.  We also think our California Gold looks great paired with gray or brown crushed rock for a more rustic theme. 

Price: $115.00/yd

EC Pebbles 

EC Pebble  1/2", 1/2-1", 3/4-2". 

EC Pebbles are a pretty famous pebble here in San Diego Landscapes. You'll hear this smooth neutral pebble called a range of things,  anywhere from Imperial Pebble to Mojave Pebble, to Goldeneye. We simply call it a favorite. This smooth Pebbles boasts of Sandy tans, eggshell whites and creams, hints of baby blue and soft purple. The coast is calling with this smooth pebble,  a true treasure for classic landscape design. We suggest using this to compliment a neutral colored home or as a base to go alongside Arizona River Rock. . The size and texture of this rock make it great for walking on or play areas as it is soft on tiny feet. We think you and your family will love this stone as much as we do. 

Price: $115.00

Arizona River 3-8"

AZ 3-8"

Arizona Salt River Rock 3-8". Large, beautiful river rock for dry creek beds and bordering areas. 

Price: $130.00